Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My new Rosetti handbag

Guys, seriously spring clean is not my thing, this bedroom has not end, so many things, and even when I'm trying my best to get rid of things that I don't use, there's more and more, last night I even had to sleep on the floor because my bed is full with things from the drawers!.
Anyway, today I'm here to share with you a little bit more of my new bag, just because this beauty deserves a special post. So first let me tell you one thing, I'm not a brand kind of girl, usually I use whatever purse, bag, or even messenger that came my way. Mom is the one who most of the time bought them for me, and I use them because since she invested money on them would be rude not doing it, but most of the time, I can go with the same purse/bag/messenger for a long time, and never complain about it, not even if it's scratchy or the zipper doesn't work properly anymore.
Guess that's why the big deal with this bag, the perfect color, the perfect size and the perfect number of compartments! But instead of tell you, let me show you. I loved the braided detail!
and the little form as a belt 
 It has two pockets, one on the front and one on the back, which i love because that way i can find my keys easily
The front one came also with a little pocket and a little purse!

 perfect for coins and ID or debit or credit cards
 the back pocket is simple but with enough space for little notebooks and pens 
The middle pocked has also three compartments, one on which would be the back side with a zipper
 and two behind the front pocket perfect for my ipod since i don't have a cellphone.
 And the space is just so right for my Ipad, Kindle and even more things, like my glasses or make up bag

 And just for fun, here's the bag that I take with me to work, of course with my laptop and so many things that it's really heavy, i fill it completely, so now you have a better idea why the pain in my back came.

Like I said, i'm not a brand girl, but this little fellow is just so perfect for me, the right color combination, the right compartments, size and is so cute!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And finally i got it!

Hey guys!!
I'm on vacation time!!! I have to work next monday but still i have this week and most of the next one free! So probably i'm not going to post as regularly as i've been doing, or probably i'm going to post more, who knows, but after recovering from the flu and that awful cough, i'm intending to clean and organize my bedroom (FINALLY!!!) starting tonight, yes tonight since i'm work so much better at night.
But before i wanted to share a little something, usually i don't buy lots of things, probably most of my money goes to apps or music or books, so buying shoes is totally a big deal for me, well today i not only bought shoes, i found the perfect purse and finally decided to invest on something that is going to give my back a rest.
The last months i've been carrying my laptop from home to work and viceversa, but even when is a small one (11') carrying a huge bag means that i fill the bag with everything that comes to my mind, and the bag turns so heavy that i started to suffer back pain, to the point i started to wear a kind of corssett to keep me straight. This brought release in some way, still not enough. So i did it, i bought finally an Ipad mini!! I wanted a simple tablet, but seriouly, loving so much my ipod 4th and then the 5th generation, i totally hated my cellphone (a samsumg galaxy) to the point that i gave it to mommy dearest. Android (not offense here) is just simply not for me. So a regular tablet would bring me so much conflict, so the Ipad Mini was my first and only choice. 
Now is time to clean and add some apps to my new treasure!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

101 in 1001 update: three awesome presents for my birthday!

Hi guys!
Another Wednesday came, and I'm not doing any book review this week. Remember that I've been sick with the flu and the cough? well, that seriously made me lazy in my readings. I'm still stuck with On the Road and On Magazine Street, thank God spring break is coming and I'm going to be able to rest and read as much as I want.
But today let us focus in the little update I'm making to the 101 in 1001 list.

Start: November 22, 2013

End: August 19, 2016

101 things to do in 1001 days

47.  Give myself a cool present for my birthday during 101/1001 (3/3)
This one was totally awesome, since I not only got one cool present for myself, but three, it also involves two others from the list.
63.  Make my pinhole camera and fill two films (0/2) (Originally i wanted to buy a toy camera and fill two films, so changed this since I got a two Toy Cameras)
73.  Buy an DLSR camera (Bought a Fujifilm XF1 instead of a DLSR)

72.  Buy Perma LpMerrimentthe honey trees and Cardboard kids
I bought Perma LP a little while now, but the Merriment album was a birthday present, so there you have, three awesome presents for my birthday.

81.  Write a letter to my best friend every month (0/33) (Visit my best friend)

82.   Host a theme party (Dress up for my birthday)
97. Make new traditions for my birthday.
Usually I spend the day on my pjs, so this year I wanted to wear clothes, regular clothes, also I spent the day with my bestie, which is also weird, since I prefer to be alone that day.

93.  Go on a road trip with my mom

Saturday, April 12, 2014

100 Happy Days 77-87

Once more, here I am to share with you a few pictures of moments or things that made me happy during this challenge, it would be over next week, during my spring break which started yesterday at 2:30pm -time when I went out of work-. I'm already planing and editing a little book with all the pictures that i took during the challenge, but I would talk and share more about it when it's done. For now here is one of the last installments of the challenge.

I came back from my class and found this cutie waiting for me, the note was from Professor Emilia, who wrote "Kisses and hugs" a little part of the "maƱanitas" the mexican song that would be like the "happy birthday", and then she wrote "I wish you that you can accomplish all your goals and you always have happiness in your life" isn't that sweet?
 At 5:50am mommy dearest came to my bedroom and told me "you should take a picture of me because i look great with my new haircut" of course i did it.
 Playing with this cutie, can't wait to finish the film and develop it
 Bestie Little Star came to visit me and brought my niece cat Elula! love them both
 Bought this book, which I started the same day since I loved the movie so much
 Made my month video, and it was really cool, so many memories and great things during March!
 Usually I don't smile like this in pictures, but this was my eight attempt of taking a picture that day thanks to Kenji who kept moving like crazy to get my attention, I laughed so hard thank to him.
 The nutcracker and I were still deciding if we took of the christmas tree or not (mommy dearest did it at the end without our consent)
 Thankful for soft toilet paper since my nose was in pain thanks to the flu
 Her concern face after the cough attacked me big time!
 Still couldn't taste food, but I was grateful for something fresh.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorites on Friday: Merriment

Probably if you read last week post you already know about this, probably you never hear about them, and probably, if you are the lucky ones like me, you are already in possession of this beauty. I pre-ordered my CD a couple of weeks ago, it was Friday, that I recall perfectly well because my bestie Little Star came to visit me with Elula, my niece cat. I was happy, and even more happy when I received a link where I could download the promo song, Backwards, isn't that great?
Anyway, last Wednesday (April 8th) was the album release, and OMG, even when they kindly shared their album on SoundCloud, and I've been listening non-stop, I was happy, so happy for them because they are an awesome band, and I was even more happy when I got the email with the link to download the full album, since it came with your purchase of the CD. Totally Awesome!!!
So of course I downloaded the album, of course I continued to listening non-stop, and yesterday...oh my, yesterday was even better because yesterday -just a day after its release- I got this gem. Here I must mention this, I wasn't expecting a big deal since, ok is a CD, but the art on it it was totally gorgeous. The booklet not only has pretty pictures but the lyrics!! yes yes that made me even more happy, so seriously guys, do yourself a favor, and get this masterpiece because is totally worthy, so dreamy and magical!!!

Note: only blurry pictures for you since it would be unfair to post the complete awesomeness of this beauty, so go and get it! So if you don't believe me, just listen to them!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Through Back Thursday on Film: The Monkeys Island

The last couple of days, thanks to the horrible bug that doesn't want to go, my reading was affected. I've been trying with all my heart to read On the Road and On Magazine Street, but like I said between the pills that made me sleepy and the need of rest, I didn't read at all. Thankfully Spring Break is coming so I'm going to be able to catch up with the books, and probably read a couple more!.
Today I'm going to share more pictures of the treasure box that I found a couple of weeks. In Veracruz, a state on the Gulf of Mexico coast, there's a place, a magic place called Catemaco. When I said magic, I'm talking literally since this place is famous for the warlocks and witches that live here. They do love spells and clean the body of bad vibes, they make potions, and other stuff. I didn't had the opportunity to visit them, because the reason why I went to Catemaco was for a school project (when I was a student!). 
In Catemaco there's a huge lake, and in some point there's a natural reservation which is where our project was focused. On the way to that place, there's an Island called the Monkeys' Island, which got its name because apparently a couple of monkeys which were part of an experiment or something were liberated there.
The Island is not so big, or at least what we could see, and they got plenty food -which you could notice since they were kind of fat-. Nowadays I couldn't tell if the monkeys are still there, if they are the same but it was worthy to share.
My first travel on boat, and the view...Oh dear, it was so peaceful, so beautiful, and the monkeys, I wish I could touch one of those pretty ones, but it wasn't safe, and as you would see the boat didn't get too close for security matters. 

Note: Pictures were posted as they are, not altered in any way. 
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