Monday, July 28, 2014

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Swedish or American?

A couple of years ago, my bestie told me about the books, of course when I heard all that she told me, I needed to read them, and to read them pronto!, thankfully it was holiday time, and I spent three days without sleeping reading one after the other. When the books were over, I felt an emptiness that I can't describe, I wanted to get lost in Stockholm streets and get lost in Lisbeth Salander world. So of course I found myself searching more and more, until I discovered the movies, the three movies!, so instantly I must have the and watch them over and over. My mom saw them too, my dad saw them too, I even loan them to another friend and her family saw them too. We simply loved them. Noomi Rapace became one of my favorite actresses. But then rumors started, and then became a reality, an American version was coming out and I had my reservations, to be totally honest I wasn't so sure that I was bring myself to watch it, then again I decided to go for it, and OMG, I'm still deciding which I loved the most. Even when they are based in the same book, and both are faithful to it, there are lots of differences between one and another.

First let us start with Lisbeth Salander herself, I personally think that Noomi looks beautiful in the character, and Mara gave it a more fragil, look, guess that's why I loved Noomi on it. 

The Dragon tattoo!, even when I like more the one on Mara, the size in Noomi was more impressive.

And then we have the situation with the disgusting ward.

The revenge scene,  I prefer the Swedish version, I mean, both were really great, but while in the American was too fast, I loved the fact that in the Swedish, Lisbeth let the whole video to play with low volume and after it ended she went back and made the tattoo, while in the American she mute the tv and then start tattooing him. The Swedish I think is best because she forced him to watch what he really did and forced him to imagine what else she has prepared for him.
Mikael Bloomsvit well both did an excellent job, but the American was more handsome of course!

Henrik Vagner, I must admit that I loved more the American version, just because the actor is one of my favorites.

About Martin (and the rest of the family) I must admit that I can't chose between the Martins, since both were absolutely sick and fantastic
But I was more afraid of the whole Swedish family, specially Isabella, she has more presence than the American, same with Cecilia
not to mention Harriet herself, the Swedish was gorgeous, while the American was so dull
One thing that I really liked from the American version was Mikael daughter presence, more like the book, I must admit.

But which one is best? well BOTH!!!!, I love them both, and I couldn't chose between one or another, and I really hope they do the second and third movies since the Swedish were awesome too. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Ice Princess, book review

Returning to her hometown of Fjallbacka after the funeral of her parents, writer Erica Falck finds a community on the brink of tragedy. The death of her childhood friend, Alex, is just the beginning. Her wrists slashed, her body frozen in an ice-cold bath, it seems that she has taken her own life.

Erica conceives a book about the beautiful but remote Alex, one that will answer questions about their own shared past. While her interest grows into an obsession, local detective Patrik Hedstrom is following his own suspicions about the case. But it is only when they start working together that the truth begins to emerge about a small town with a deeply disturbing past.

The Ice Princess, oh dear, I spent hours daydreaming about the snow and gorgeous place. After The Millennium Trilogy by Stig Larsson, I knew that I needed to read more Sweden authors, thankfully GoodReads showed me this book in recommendations.
The book is a cleverly written and manage to catch your curiosity since the beginning, in a realistic and cruel way. 
The characterization and relationships dynamics between the characters and their connections truly keep me wondering and speculating. For moments when I thought that I figure it out who was the murder, I had to rethink my theories and start over while the story keep developing to an end that really shocked me, even when I got right some of the mysteries.
The romance in this novel was that, romance and not a graphic description of a sexual relation, it was more the anticipation and awkwardness of the first dates and show yourself naked to a new person who at the same time you know him/her all your life, but it's until now that you really start to know him/her.
Four of Five stars, I really couldn't stop reading this book, and also I had to get my paws in the second one which I started immediately after this.
Highly recommend this book if you love a good mystery and winter Europe.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Maleficent: my big disappointment

By the title you know that Maleficent wasn't what I was expecting at all!. But let me tell you a little bit more about it. First I'm not going to deny that the costume and the magic worked perfectly, it was a pretty movie in the eye if you ignore the fact that it was the story of one of the biggest villains that Disney had ever show in its movies.
I remember as a kid, the first time I saw Sleeping Beauty, how terrified and at the same time fascinated I was by Maleficent, for Christ Sake she transformed into a DRAGON!-yes all in caps and all-. So of course when I heard that Disney was making a movie about this magnificent character I was beyond excitement. And then the trailer, and then the wonderful song by Lana del Rey which gave it an even more darker aura. I was static!.
My mom, who is most of the time my partner in crime, and who went with me to most of the Harry Potter's movie releases, same as most movies that I really love took me to see this one. And that's what I really enjoyed, not so much the movie itself.
I'm not so sure why, but I keep wondering WHY DISNEY, WHY?, why would you do that? Why would you ruin one of the best villains and turned into a softy?
Ok, ok, not everything was that, really, it wasn't, but here are a few facts that really cause me so much pain.
Maleficent/Stephan: while I really enjoyed to see Maleficent as a little girl (not thinking in my sweet villain at all), it totally disappointed me that the reason of her evilness was something so lame as being betrayed for a man! Come on!, couldn't they think in something more darker, something more to the level of evilness the first Maleficent showed?
Aurora: the girl who played Aurora is pretty, really a pretty girl, but couldn't the character be more annoying?, I mean the 90% of her performance was she smiling.
Aurora was indeed a happy girl, but she had so much personality and charisma, not only spent her life smiling like a goofy
Phillip: ok, here I must say that Phillip and Eric (little mermaid) are the most handsome princes that Disney created (I mean the draw, not the character per se), but this boy, oh my! not that handsome at all.
There's no chemistry at all, no wonder she never woke up.
not to mention that Aurora had more fine features, Maleficent was more thin that her.

But I would totally forgot most of it if it wasn't for the three annoying characters I've never seen before!
Come on Disney!, after created the best fairies of all, you gave us the most annoying of all.

I'm seriously afraid of what they are going to do with the Little Mermaid, and I really, really hope they don't destroy another of my favorite characters.
If you are a huge fan of Sleeping Beauty, I wouldn't recommend this movie at all, actually, I'm going to pretend  that I never saw it.
The only thing that really went to my heart is the song. So perfect!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Accident, book review

The person you trust most may only be telling you half the story …

Fast-paced, suspenseful, this is a book with more twists than a helter-skelter that will keep you reading late into the night. Perfect for fans of Before I Go to Sleep and Gone Girl.

Sue Jackson has the perfect family but when her teenage daughter Charlotte deliberately steps in front of a bus and ends up in a coma she is forced to face a very dark reality.

Retracing her daughter’s steps she finds a horrifying entry in Charlotte’s diary and is forced to head deep into Charlotte’s private world. In her hunt for evidence, Sue begins to mistrust everyone close to her daughter and she’s forced to look further, into the depths of her own past.

There is a lot that Sue doesn’t know about Charlotte’s life. But then there’s a lot that Charlotte doesn’t know about Sue’s …

When I read the review of this book on Tea with Molly blog, i knew that I had to read it, specially after reading Thirteen Reasons Why.
The accident was the kind of book that I couldn't put it down. I found myself turning off the TV just for keep reading. The book very well described in GoodReads, tells the story of Susan, a middle age woman, which life could look perfect at simple view, but while you go deep in your reading, Susan's past start to show off, and that combined with the urgency of Susan to find out what took her daughter to try to kill herself, create an mystery that you really want to solve.
This book also touch a delicate subject, which is the abuse not only physical but psychological that sometimes a woman, younger woman, or teenager could suffer, and it's cleverly managed since it shows you the subtle beginning, and simple facts that could tell you run, but that sometimes you miss to understand, going to the point of physical abuse, and letting you know that the best solution is always in your hands.
I gave this book 4 stars of 5, it was really a great book, and I totally recommended it, the only reason I didn't gave it the 5 stars is because even when I liked it, the story didn't find a way to my heart, probably it's the genre or something. Still, a great book to read.

Monday, July 14, 2014

My Happy Project 59-67

Well, hello there!, I hope you all had a great weekend, I can't complain about mine. I didn't realize until very late that SciFi was having another Charmed Marathon, but still I managed to enjoy a couple of episodes, and before that I saw a very much needed Amélie. It's weird how sometimes you just need to watch something over and over to recover your faith in humanity or simple to cheer you up, well, that's my relationship with that movie in particular. And like usual, it made its magic on me, to the point that I even went to Church and accompanied mommy dearest to the farmer's market.
Today I start new challenges, but I would tell you later this week, just to let you know how things are going, for now, a couple of my happy project pictures.
my Lauro's roses are so pretty

one of my favorites from six flags

My bestie brought me these delicious biscuits from Mexico

Someone got a shower and a trimp

yes, i ate all those vegetable, no shame at all!

my favorite from the Holga failure

I call this "Crazy Rice"

This lamp has almost everything that I love

playing with this toy cat :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Stay Gold by First Aid Kit

This year certainly has been the year of amazing albums, at least for me, with the release of Merriment and The Honey Trees LPs my life has been a total dream until Stay Gold was released a couple of weeks ago. Master piece! So now my life is a permanent dream in which I listen non-stop my three favorite albums of the year!
So to celebrate that is Friday again! -these last weeks had been flying!- I leave you with the sweet voices of these fantastic sisters.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Holga Film, a total failure

If you own a toy camera, you probably know the rule, I knew the rule, but in my excitement to take my new and shiny Holga to my little trip to Cordoba last March, I skipped one important step. I packaged my digital camera, made sure the battery was charged, took a little notebook with a pen just in case I wanted to take some notes. Check that my ID and bus tickets were in place. My walled, i made sure I took enough money with me, sunscreen, and of course my Best Friend's present. But never, ever occurred to me to check if I changed the mode on my toy camera. The night before while I was playing around with it, I remember testing the buttons, but what I totally forgot was to put them as they had to be. Rocky mistake, totally sad mistake.
It was until I was looking at the manual to find out how to take off the film that I remembered, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and checked the camera, just for get a confirmation of what I already knew, the camera was in B instead of N, B! which is only used for pictures at night.
So I took the film to develop, hoping for the best. The best was a couple of blurry pictures, but still, I thought about sharing them. The first one is the clearest, but the once of the trees are my favorites:

And you want to know the worst part? I did the same mistake with my Diana Mini, oh well, still have a couple of unused film to play around, and two other cameras that need to be tested.


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