Friday, October 31, 2014

Spooky Week Book Reviews

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Witches of East End Trilogy by Melissa De La Cruz
Rating ««««
Witches of East End: The three Beauchamp women, Joana and her daughters Freya and Ingrid, are trying to live an ordinary life in a small town which for some reasons is a mystery itself, since it doesn’t appear on maps. After the restriction was placed, they were forbidden to practice magic. They are witches, and they are immortal.
When a young woman turns up dead, they decided to interfere, undusted their wands and find out what’s going on, while they help others, Freya with love potions, who at the same time is trying to figure it out her feelings for her fiancé and his brother, while Ingrid is healing the women who had been affected by certain dark energy.
Serpent’s Kiss: After the restriction is lifted, the Beauchamp women are now able to practice magic again, but things are not as simple as they might think when things start appearing in other places and Joana thinks that she’s being haunted. While Freya who thinks her new relationship is stable, received a shake when her twin brother –Freddie- escapes limbo and now is claiming his innocent, pointing Freya’s love as the only guilty.
Winds of Salem: Freya is trapped in Salem, year 1692, with no memory of who she is, or who is her family. She ended up working as a maid with the Putman family, while she discovers that there’s something different with her, she can do magic, but she must not talk about it or she could be accused of witchcraft and be hanged.
Meanwhile, the rest of the Beauchamp family are trying desperately to find a way to rescue Freya’s love from limbo and of course bring back Freya, while is evident that they are loosing their magic, and becoming simple mortals.

I honestly can say that I really enjoyed these books, even when in book 2 new characters are introduced, and I have to say that they bring a kind of stupid side to the books. I mean the story was enough with the involvement of the Asgard mythology, but when little annoying creatures were mixed, well, it turned a little childish and quite unnecessary. Setting that aside, I really liked the story behind the witches, and the flashed of the past.

Say Her Name by James Dawson
Rating ««««
Roberta Rowe of Bobbie is the regular shy girl who is not interesting in boys. On Halloween’s night, she accepts to go with her roommate and best friend Naya, to a little celebration in one of the hiding places in their creepy boarding school. The night is quite boring, specially when one of the girls has been telling ghost stories that they already known, until the Bloody Mary story came, which apparently was originated in the same boarding school where they are.
A dare to invoke the ghost is placed and Bobbie, surprising even herself, decided to accept it, same as Naya and the cute local boy called Caine. They have to say Bloody Mary five times in front of a mirror candlelit. When she doesn’t appear, the kids thought that everything was fine, until next day, when Bobbie starts listening dripping water after she turn off the shower, and then noticed that there’s something wrote on the mirror: Five days.

This book even when was a little predictable, was an easy read and I really enjoyed it. And I’m not going to lie here, it kind of freaked me out, especially because I have lots of mirrors in my house.

Bad Girls Don’t Die trilogy by Katie Alender
Rating ««««
Bad Girls Don’t Die: Alexis is the typical outcast, with her pink hair, fighting her own fights, getting herself in trouble, smartass, and rebellious. The only thing that she really loves is photography. There’s something about analog photography that obsesses her as much as her little sister is obsessed with dolls. But not everything is quite right in Alexis dysfunctional family, she’s being listening weird noises, and lights that sometimes they are in one place and then they disappear. Things go from dysfunctional to creepy to dangerous when one of them members of her family suffers an accident and the obvious responsible for it is her little sister, who apparently is possessed.
Rating «««
From Bad To Cursed: life is back to normal for Alexis. She and her family are now living in a new house, she has an adorable boyfriend, the perfect best friend and her little sister has returned after spent 10 months in an Asylum.
Everything is going pretty great, Kasey is making friends, friends who are simply perfect, maybe too perfect, so perfect that even Lydia, a former outcast, decided to left behind her black hair and gothic outfits, cut her hair, and now she wears only skirts and her hair is always perfect. Other girls start joining this new group that calls itself The Sunshine club.
Alexis, suspecting that not everything is like it looks, decides to join and rescue her sister, but in the process, she joins the club with her best friend, and they made an oath to an old book, selling their souls to a spirit called Aralt.
Rating ««««
As Dead As It Gets: It’s been three months since Alexis witnessed how a former member of The Sunshine Club died, and all she wants is for her life to return to normal, but nothing can be normal again, specially after she did something that she wasn’t suppose to do. Now she can see ghosts on photographs, but not only that, she can see the ghost of the girl who she saw die.
She’s once more an outcast, no boyfriend, no best friend, and she’s pretty sure that lots of people are talking about her for being there when the girl died, even blame her. Alexis can’t wait for school to be over, specially when she’s being attacked and almost and a previous member of The Sunshine Club goes missing.

Alexis knows that she has to do something, she has to stop this ghost from one way or another, but soon she’s going to realize that this is not a regular ghost, and she has no one to help her. 

If you prefer watch the video:

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spooky Week Movie Edition

Hello my darlings!

Hope you're having a great day! Today I'm going to share with you some of my favorite movies for Halloween, probably not that spooky, but they have a special touch that kind of freaked me out!

My first recommendation is about Ghosts, and what better choice than The Woman In Black: this movie has the perfect set, a haunted mansion, a ghost that appears only to take away the children of the village, and a man who had suffering from lost.

My second recommendation is about Possessions, and here I'm talking about pure evil, Demons!. The first movie it's a classic!, one of those movies that you have to see at least once in your life, The Exorcist, which has a woman who doesn't believe in God, a woman who has everything in life and almost lose it when her only child is possessed by a demon.
And of course my second choice in possession has to be The Conjuring, OMG! that movie really freaked me out!
My third recommendation is about Awful beings, starting with Vampires, and the best movies about vampires are Dracula and Interview with the Vampire, the sencon not so spooky but it has its moments!

This section couldn't be complete if I don't mention the awful creature that still bring me nightmares, the most spooky of all: Clowns, and here is the one and only that still give me the chills: It!
I would recommend my favorite movie of all on Friday, Halloween day!, so don't forget to check the previos movies and let me know which are your favorites for Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spooky Week: Salem

Hey Guys!
Starting the week (yes on Tuesday) with the first Spooky review, in celebration of  Halloween!, yes, one of my favorite festivities of the year. 
And what better way to start than with Witches!, I love Witches!!!, and the show that I'm going to talk about is till far one of my favorites of all times!

A new TV show, can’t recall from which channel, but OMG, let me tell you just this, It’s so freaking awesome.
I only watched till chapter 6 and I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season.
Let us place ourselves in Salem, the small town in which the famous witch trials set place. Let us imagine this town ruled by puritans trying to discover who are the witches among them, and then came Mary Sibley, this young woman who is married with one of the most riches men in town, and the most influence of all.
Now that her husband is sick, people tend to listen everything that Mary has to say, she practically is ruling the town, but there’s something more about Mary, she is a witch, and not any other witch, but one of the most powerful witches, and her intentions? Well, you must watch the Show to find out more.

This is the perfect choice since it has a touch of creepy and mystery, and of course witches and a little bit gory.
Starring by Janet Montgomery, Shane West and Ashley Madekwe, this show totally is blowing my mind!

Also, can we just take a moment and admire the beautiful art!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Fangirl and Eleanor & Park, book review

Rating «««««
I’ve been listening so many good things about this book, that at first, I had my reservations, specially after the fiasco with TFIOS and Looking for Alaska, still, I decided to give it a chance. OMG, I totally loved it, and here I must be totally honest with you guys, since I’m not a big fan of fandom, actually I don’t like it at all, I think it’s totally wrong to take someone else’s creation and manipulate it as your wish, I mean, If you want to write, create your own characters. Still I actually enjoyed the fandom from Cather.
The characters were truthfully great, I loved Levi, hated Nick, sometimes hated more Wren and adored Cather’s dad, and wish to be roommate with Reagan.
What I loved about the book was the honesty of the characters, the way they grew on the story, specially Cather.

I could talk all day about this book, and tell you all the details on why I loved it, but I would do something better, I would recommended it to you, and I hope you love it as much as I did. 

Rating «««««
After reading Fangirl, I immediately went for Eleanor & Park for my next read, and let me tell you this, If I loved Fangirl, I simply adored this one!, such a beautiful book.
I totally enjoyed the combination of shyness, sadness, and honest moments. I loved Park, and I loved Eleanor, and I couldn’t help feel totally sad for her, to worry for her, to wish to help her.
This book really get me in some levels that I wasn’t expecting, specially because if you like me, grew up in a loving family, no matter how crazy or dysfunctional, but loving family, in which you feel the love from your parents, their concern for you and your siblings, like Park’s family, is sad to realize that not all families are like yours, that some kids don’t have all those things that you give for granted, like food, or clothes, simple things like notebooks or a bedroom. The reality that had to live Eleanor, her family situation really hit me, specially because even when it was a book, there are families like her out there.
People shouldn’t be so rush at judging others,  since you don’t know their background, you don’t know what they are living in daily basis, it’s totally wrong to judge others just for their appearance. This book is not only an enjoyable read, is a book that certainly is going to touch you in so many ways, a book that you’re going to treasure.

You can purchase Fangirl here, and Eleanor & Park here! Book Depository has free delivery!

And if you prefer to watch (or hear) my review of both book you can check my video review:

I've been a little busy this week because I'm working on a spooky week for Halloween!, so wait for three book reviews and movies recomendations next week!

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some Tags

Hey guys, another lazy Saturday at home, but hey, don't think I'm intending to spend all day in bed watching tv, I already cleaned the house, and as you may see, I'm working on editing, uploading and scheduling videos for next week, same as posts.
I forgot to share the last videos I made, probably because they were tags, but I loved the questions, so maybe you would be interesting in doing one of them.
First let me share the Autumn Tag, in which I talk about the most anticipating book release (which of course is The Way We Go by Roxie Prince)
And then I made the marathonic Tag TMI book related, 50 questions, well, technically 49 since the last one was Who do you tag, but being new on the booktube community, made me a little shy so I didn't tag anyone, but probably I will.
And last but not least, I made a new video as introduction to my channel, I'm not sure if my welcome video was ok, I mean, I ramble like crazy, but this one is just footage and happy music, so is short and go to the point of what my bookchannel is about, let me know what you think.
Autumn, my favorite season, the days are windy, and I'm hoping for this rain to go away, so I would be able to go out and take lots of pictures because I've been neglecting my poor camera since I don't want the rain affect it, so prepare for more pictures soon, same as explorations at home in the coming days. Happy Weekend!!!!!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Buried Angels, book review

Rating ««««
Can’t I say that my heart is broken as an initial line? Well in that case I am, I’m totally heartbroken because I came to an end, no more books from Camilla, and I can tell you this, OMG! I want to read more and more about Patrik and even the-sometimes-silly Erika.
Buried Angels is the last book published –till now- about Patrik Hedström saga, and just like the others, I totally loved it.
For instance let me tell you that this time I had no idea how the story would turn out, since truly even when I guessed some part, I didn’t even get a clear idea what was the story behind, how things really happened, and believe me when I say that I was totally surprised.
The book seriously took me to a place in which I feel in some parts afraid because OMG what a crazy disturbed people! But I truly enjoyed this book.

Once more a total recommendation if you enjoy psychological thrillers, and you can get a copy here!
In case you prefer to watch the video review:

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Looking for Alaska, book review

Rating «««
I guess I’m not under Mr. John Green spell, because once more, this book didn’t make the magic most people said it would. I read it, not expecting to like it or hate it, since I had a bad experience with The Fault in our Stars. At least two or three people said it was amazing, and by far their favorite of John Green. Well, I couldn’t find why it was so precious, in fact when the event in which is based the book happened I was glad and found myself smiling!!! Yes, shocking!
What I liked about the book is that was divided in Before and After the event, and what I thought it was unnecessary was the counting days, I mean 131 days before or 9 days after, I got lost on the account of days and most of the time I ignored them.
I enjoyed the last words quotes, I think it was a weird kind of likable detail of the main character, but I did not like the fact that it was a kind of annoying character.
And the prang? OMG, did the author really gave the title to the prang of the century to that? The stupidest idea ever, and seriously, Not.Funny.At.All!

I didn’t enjoy this reading, and I was glad when it came to and end. I wouldn’t recommend the book either, unless you truly enjoy John Green writing, in that case you can get it here.

Or if you prefer the video version of the review:

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