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January was a great month, a lot of upside downs, some deceptions, new hopes, signing important things, and a little trip, here are a few pictures that I took during the month and also the video

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Probably you may notice that in the sidebar I have a rating scale, which is what I use for every single book that I read. I decided to create my own rating since the Goodreads was too kind for my taste and the Amazon a little bit harsh using the one star as I Hate it, which caused me conflicts. You see, when I hate a book, I simply stop reading it, while would I waste my time with a book that I'm totally hate when I could be reading something so much better. Life is too short to waste it in ugly books.
So in case you are curious about how I rate my books, here's a little explanation of it.

I made a podcast about it, but all the points are listed below

« I don’t like it // this is a book that for some reason I kept reading, even when at the end I totally regret it. Probably something caught my attention about the story, or is a sequel, but still, I wouldn’t recommend it
«« Not my cup of tea // A book that maybe is not that bad, maybe has one or two elements that could have worked in its favor, but at the end the book didn’t work for me.
««« It was ok // a book that wasn’t bad, the idea was probably good, but that’s it, it didn’t cause an effect on me.
«««« I really liked it // a book that caught me since the moment I started to read it, a book that I would recommend to my friends and probably I wouldn’t mind to re-read.
««««« Loved it // a book that caused a great effect on me, that made me feel a big attachment to the characters, that I’m going to keep talking about it for years to come by.
That said, there’s something more that I want to share. While looking at all those rating videos, I noticed that most of the people mentioned that they take in consideration lots of elements while rating a book, but those elements were never mentioned.

Also I took in consideration for rating a book five elements which are the most important for me:

1.      The Story or Storytelling // it could be a story that I never read before, a subject that is new to me, and of course it caught my attention. Or it could be the same story that we’ve been reading over and over again, but the author imprint on it his or her personal style, making the story unique.
2.      The Setting and Descriptions // a foreign place, a forest a particular city, something that make interesting the place where the events are developing. And here the description is really important because they help you to create a mental picture of the place, but when is too much, I mean when there’s an excess in details, it could be boring.
3.      Characters // and here I’m not talking only of the main characters, but all of them in general. Sometimes you totally dislike the main characters, but them there’s one simple character, a secondary character who made the book more enjoyable, so is not always the main character that would make me appreciate a book.
4.      The Twist on the Story // sometimes the stories can be quite predictable, and become boring, but there are moments when the Author, oh blessed Author, gave the story such a twist that make it so good, if not perfect. Probably you guessed right who the bad guy was, but thanks to the twist, it wasn’t as you were thinking.
5.      The Emotional part // how a book made me feel, and here I’m talking about positive feelings, not the kind that make you want to reap the book in pieces, but the ones that made you love the book, that made you feel empathy, that made you cry, and that left you wishing for more. 

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A week ago I went to see The Danish Girl with my mom, OMG it was amazing. Directed by Tom Hooper and staring by Eddie Redmayne as Einar Wegener / Lili Elbe and Alicia Vikander as Gerda Wegener, the movie was a delight, it seriously surprised me with the heartbreaking performance of Alicia and Eddie, both transmited such perfectly that it was hard not to love both, and feel sad for some aspects of the story.
The movie is based on the book of the same name, and is slightly inspired in the life of the Danish painters Einar and Gerda Wegener. I gave this movie a rating of

and also made a video in which I talk more about it in case you want to see it. Let me know if you watch the movie and your thought on it.

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This morning while I was checking blogloving (as I do every morning before my working time starts) I found an article that seriously pisses me off. Why I felt so angry for it you may ask, what was so wrong about the article that kind of offended me? 
Well, let me start with this, a few years ago I stopped reading "fashion" magazines, they were the same over and over, same tips, more sex tips that were the same, how to find the perfect man, how to please your man, man man man, in which everything a woman should do was to make happy a man, they actually wrote about feminism, but the main theme is that, make your man happy.
But what if I want to be single? What if I don’t want to please a man to feel happy or complete?
So I quit to those magazines (and saved a lot of cents thanks to that).
Blogs became my thing, I love blogs, especially lifestyle blogs because you learn new things daily, there’s always something new, good tips (at least better than just sex and please your man), travel tips, diys, you name it!
Then, a few weeks ago, I started to notice a pattern, and here I’m talking about the bloglovin blog in particular, it was like they were only talking to a very specific kind of woman, not the general woman, but those who like the person who probably wrote the article work exclusively as blogger, and full time blogger, or in magazines, or in publishing. The kind of woman who can dress as she wanted on daily basis, the kind of woman who doesn’t have to wake up early to start her day because she must be at work before 8am or 9am or –like in my case- 7am.
The kind of woman who works jobs like from 9-5, the kind of woman who must wear an uniform, the kind of woman who like me, is the regular woman, the general woman, because if the 90% of the female population could work as full time bloggers or on fashion magazines or the like, there would be no doctors or nurses or teachers or librarians (like me), or cashiers or baristas, you name it!
I think is completely unfair that articles like this makes you feel like probably you don’t fit in there demography, but why? Why they don’t take the time to at least think a little bit more about the people who read their articles.

We have different interests, different routines, and I get it, you can reach everyone, but if you’re going to write an article in which the title said “Every Woman” darling you are completely wrong!, not every woman fit in your terrible tips, because unlike you, we have routines, we have what others call, regular life, not fantastic jobs in which we could stay at home till very late, or do or work in a laptop, siting in our favorite coffee shop, while enjoying a latte. 

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If my heart was already broken after David Bowie news, today I feel physical pain because one of my biggest heroes has gone to heave, another shinny star, another loss.

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The time has come to share my resolutions for the year, and let me tell you this, which I think is important, if for whatever reason I'm not able to accomplish a few of them or most of them I'm not going to call it failure, I'm going to accept the things as they come, this year I'm going to be more open to new oportunities and adventures.

Bookish ones:
1. Goodreads challente 37 books
2. Read at least 10 books on physical form
3. Review all the books I read on Goodreads
4. Quote / highlights of the year jar
5. Keep a book travel journal
6. Keep a What I read notebook
7. TBR jar challenge (which I'm going to talk about on the next post)

Personal ones:
8. Back to health journey (eating habits, exercise, meditate)
9. Document your life for 12 months
10. 365 challenges (self portraits / simple moments / video)
11. 52 pictures of my mom
12. Take at least 3 rolls of film
13. Keep a gratitude journal
14. Do a day in my life monthly
15. Pay as many debs as I can and don't get more
16. Learn to ride my bike and play the guitar
17. Learn sighn language and morse code
18. Study the french course that I bought years ago
19. An act of kindness monthly (which I'm going to talk about on my next post)

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I have no words to describe my feelings this morning when I read the news, heartbroken I only can share this, in your memory my heroe!

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2015 recap
As usual, I set a few resolutions for myself in 2015, it was the first year in which I put less goals and I feel that I fail more dramatically, still, I was able to accomplish a few, so let’s see how my 2015 resolutions went.

    Goodreads reading challenge 36 books: this one was my pride, I read a total of 70 books which was pretty awesome, it’s the year in which I read the most in my life, so very proud of it.

    Re-read the books that I bought on physical form: this one was kind of silly since I bough more books since I set it (in which I had 15 books), but I managed to read 12

    TBR Jar challenge:
-A Classic that I didn’t read before
-An Indie Author
-Two books that I got for free on Kindle
-Finish the series that I’ve been postponing: I finished the prophecy of the sisters 
-Read a saga: The last apprentince saga by Joseph Delaney
-Two books from the same author: Love Rosie and The Time of my Life by Cecilia Ahern
-A book that I’m scared to read: Flowers in the Attic
-A non-fiction book or a book based on a real person: Wild
-A book I’ve been wanting to read but others came first: Born Wicked
-A duology: the little blue envelope 
-A book that I only heard positive comments: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
-A book that I discovered through goodreads recommendations

Read at least two books of the month on the goodreads groups I joined: I read A bad beginning and The Reptip Room by Lemony Snicket 

 Retake my original plan of my bookshelf project and only buy books that I love: kind of followed but I also bought books that I've been wanting to read for so long, but the bookshelf is full now. 

 Quote / Memory jar: Done, and I will share more about this later

 Review every book that I read and do it immediately: kind of, I reaview lots of them tho, but still I feel like I need to work on that more

 Letters to 2015 video: I only did 4 videos and quit so a complete failure. 

 Be more social leaving comments in blog posts and videos that I like: still need to work on this one

And my biggest failures:

 Do all the video ideas I have in my notebook
 365 challenge
 52 photos of my mom
 52 analog using my holga
 12 letters project
 An act of kindness monthly
 a day in my life monthly
a series of photos montly.

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After these very well deserved two weeks of winter break, today I'm back to work, which means that I can use the computer in my break to write to you. Hope your festivies went well and that you had an amazing time with your beloved ones.
Even with the diet and so, I had a great time, and specially I relaxed a little bit, which was what I needed the most, I never thought that I was so destressed for the results of my blood test, until I finally sit down and cried a little bit, and then I realized that I shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself, I remember all the blessings that I have, all the good things and the fact that the person I admire the most is diabetic and hypertensive, and she's the strongest woman I know, she's always so active and her energy is something that most people envy, she looks younger for her age. My mom is amazing and it was thanks to her support that I said no more! I'm not going to cry for silly things, I can do this diet (even in christmas time), I can get back to health and I can change my life if I want to.
I have a few resolutions that I want to share with you, but that would have to wait till tomorrow because I forgot my notebook, but for today, I just want to say that I'm ok, that I'm relaxed and ready for new adventures in this 2016! and who wouldn't be happy with this silly face of my sweet baby on New Year's Eve!

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